If you are facing any issues related to orthodontic problems and looking for a reliable clinic then you are in the right spot.  Riversdale Orthodontics is in Hawthorn East and serving in this region and suburbs. This is an orthodontic clinic, and your family will love to visit this modern building, welcoming reception, tea and coffee area, on-site parking, and a comfortable view of everything. We practice the highest safety levels of orthodontic care and provides the treatment that is right for your family.

We have the privilege of orthodontists in our clinic that loves to serve the local community. Our orthodontic clinic is convenient to visit. We are active in the local community thus offers the perfect and on-spot solutions for all your problems.


in our melbourne orthodontic clinic, search for constantly advanced methods and ways are practiced. We keep on searching for the highest and top-quality products and procedures to facilitate our patients. We use all the advanced technologies and our orthodontists are pro in dealing with all these services. We have the skills and knowledge to use advanced technology. In our orthodontic clinic, you will find all the advanced technology and professional staff who have the expertise to use and facilitate you. All the health apparatus are strictly followed.

We don’t give the impression that we do not know anything. We have worked hard to establish this orthodontic clinic and invested much to influence this local community. Our focus is to score our customers and offer a perfect solution for you. Hence, when you come to us, be happy to find the best.


When you will step into our orthodontic clinic the first thing you feel happy about is its convenient location. Secondly, after parking the car safely, and without the hassle, you will reach the welcoming reception. The area is so cosy and has the facilities of tea or coffee. This orthodontic clinic is specially designed to endorse family culture. These all small yet significant steps will make your head free of stress. Then you can book an appointment and if you already have one then go and meet your orthodontist. You will be pleased to notice the degree of knowledge he possesses. We have a staff of professional ethics. They will make you feel easy and give right yet accurate suggestions about the health of you and your family.

Our orthodontic clinic offers affordable solutions for you and your family. You just contact us as we are active in the local community and understand the type of treatments for them. We offer you the right kind of suggestions, solutions, and treatments. These clinics offer a culture like family thus why to hesitate. Come and join us today.