What Is The Procedure Of Root Canal Treatment?

root canal

The treatment that is done by the dentist for the repairmen of the teeth and protects them from further infection is called the root canal. The root canal treatment includes the removal of the pulp and the nerves of the teeth (these are present in the root of the tooth), cleaning the pus, refill it with a material that is mostly gold or silver amalgam, sealed it to protect the patient from further attack. The removal of the tooth nerve is not a big deal, it only senses the hotness or coldness. Moreover, it is not related to the tooth’s health. The removal of the tooth’s nerve does not affect how a tooth works. As in the root canal treatment, the cavity is filled with the material then there is no chance of holding any particle of the foodstuff.

When tooth pulp is damaged, it penetrates to the root canal of the tooth, it starts to decay, and bacteria multiply in it and the patient suffers from tooth decay. The microbial attack or other debris causes the accessed tooth. An abscessed tooth is an infection in which the tooth pulp is filled with pus and it is really painful. The root canal infection may affect the other body organs which include:

  • The swelling of the head, neck, and face may occur.
  • In a severe situation, the pus may be drainage from the root to the gum and even through the cheek into the skin.

The symptoms which stimulate that root canal treatment is required are the following:

  • Ones feel teeth sensitivity, the sensation of hotness, and coldness is unbearable.
  • During chewing and biting, the infection causes severe pain.
  • Someone whose teeth start to crack.
  • The gums become dark.
  • The swollen and painful gums.


The root canal is a much difficult task as compared to the other teeth infection. In severe infection of the root canal, the dentist suggests visiting the endodontist. An endodontist is a dentist who has a specialization in the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the injections that are related to dental pulp and nerves.

Procedure of Root Canal:

  • The endodontist makes an x-ray of the infected tooth to examine the root canal and also investigate that either this infection affects the other’s teeth or not. In this step, he gave anaesthesia to the patient to feel him at ease.
  • In root canal treatment, the endodontist uses the rubber band around the tooth to prevent it from the saliva.
  • The 3rd step is the scrubbing and scraping of the root canal to clean it from the bacteria. As the root canal is cleaned, it is sprayed with sodium hypochlorite to clean the remaining debris. In this stage, the endodontist temporarily blocks the path of the tooth.
  • After some days, in the next appointment, He refills the root of the tooth with gutta-percha.
  • The last step involves the restoring of a tooth by putting the crown of the tooth that protects the tooth pulp and prevent it from further attack.